Three natural air fresheners you can make at home…

17 January, 2018

Air fresheners, room diffusers, scented candles and other pleasant-smelling cleaning products could be posing some serious risks to your health…

We spend around £400 million every year in the UK on 225 million aerosols, plug-ins, candles, gels and incense, each promising a quick-fix for dodgy home odours and promoted as harmless ways to transform the atmosphere of our homes.

However, it’s now known that many of these products contain alarming levels of toxins and chemicals which can affect the health of you and your family. Asthma, respiratory conditions and general poor health are all exacerbated by the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other irritants found in these goods.

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In the meantime, we’ve pulled together a few top tips for creating your own air fresheners that won’t damage your home or your health…

1. DIY room diffusers…

These look great on your mantelpiece and even make gorgeous gifts. To avoid synthetic smells and nasty toxins filling your air, make your own using a small necked vase. Add half a bottle of your favourite pure essential oil and top up the rest with baby oil. Finally, pop bamboo skewers into the neck of the vase, which will soak up the lovely scented oil, and await the natural aroma! Your own bespoke room diffuser for a fraction of the cost!

2. Get rid of cooking smells with a scented simmer…

This trick works wonders if you’ve got a lingering smell of oils or cooking – and it’s extremely cheap and effective!

Simply add some of your preferred herbs or slices of fruit, or a couple of drops of pure essential oil to a small pan of water. Bring this to the boil on the hob and let it simmer for five minutes to fill your home with a new fresh a fragrance. We recommend a slice of orange with a cinnamon stick, or tea tree oil with some lemon.

3. Homemade scented spritz…

Here’s our version of some of those pricey sprays, and this couldn’t be more natural with just two ingredients: water and essential oil. Just add a few drops of the oil to some water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Use sparingly for a delicate perfume in all your rooms.


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