Sun, Sea and… Pollution Warnings

10 August, 2018

This year will potentially see Britain’s hottest summer since records began. With temperatures soaring up to 35˚C and showing no sign of easing throughout August, there are plenty more days to be spent outside soaking up the rays.

However, it isn’t all barbeques and beers. Along with high temperatures, comes high pollution levels. In mid-July, London was issued a high air pollution warning. London’s Major, Sadiq Khan, said that the current high temperatures, combined with London’s “toxic air, a lack of cloud cover and emissions travelling from the continent”, have resulted in high levels of pollution in the city.

Those suffering from asthma have been advised to carry their inhalers with them at all times. Furthermore, individuals with heart or lung problems have been notified that excessive physical exertion, particularly when outdoors, could be harmful.

High levels of air pollution in the city are becoming a far more common occurrence. Since May 2016, nine air quality warnings have been issued in London.

With this summer’s dangerous combination of record temperatures and vehicle emissions, it is ever more important to maximise the purity of the air we breathe in our homes. It may be unfeasible to reduce the levels of pollution in the whole of London, however we can certainly ensure that the air inside our homes is of an ideal state of purity.

Here at Airtopia, we can provide indoor air quality testing to determine the health of your home. We developed our tests in partnership with scientists that have checked over 60,000 global locations and are experts in Indoor Air Quality and Toxic Home Syndrome. Our customers receive bespoke reports and low/no cost remedial advice in how to mitigate indoor air pollution and help make homes, and the people who live in them, healthier.

Ensure your family don’t suffer from the consequences of this year’s record breaking summer. Book an Airtopia screening today.

For more information on how you can join us, please check out our pages on indoor air quality and about Airtopia.

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