Protect your pets from pollution

6 September, 2018

The impact of pollution on humans is notoriously documented. However, information regarding the effects on our furry friends, is rarely, if ever, publicised. Polluted air can leave us at risk of developing health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and respiratory problems. Do these problems extend to our pets too?

A recent study carried out on 700 domesticated dogs revealed frightening results. Owners using pesticides in their garden risked a 70% higher chance of their dogs being diagnosed with lymphoma, a form of cancer. The excessive use of cleaning products and smoking indoors also exposes dogs to carcinogens that can cause bladder, lung, nasal and other forms of cancer.

Here’s a shocking fact for the cat lovers out there… One in ten cats have asthma related to indoor and outdoor air pollutants. Burning wood fires and smoking indoors can also severely damage the functioning of cats' lungs.

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