Mayor of London Launches ‘Child Health in London and Luton Study’ which aims to Test the Lungs of 3,000 Primary School Children

9 August, 2018

A four year study aiming to uncover the effectiveness of air quality control measures, is to take place in schools in central London and Luton. The study, announced on 8 June, will cost a total of £2.5 million and will measure the lungs of 3,000 primary school children.

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The sample areas situated inside the new Ultra-Low Emission Zones were selected due to being ideal comparative sites because of their similar levels of pollution. ‘Both areas, which are now at the EU limit, are doing different things to improve air quality’, says Professor Gurch Randhawa, who is the lead for the Children’s Health in London & Luton (CHILL) study.

Luton’s local government are taking measures to tackle the city’s pollution levels by building new roads to avoid stationary traffic, introducing walk to work schemes and building more cycle lanes. Meanwhile, the London authority is in the process of implementing more rigorous regulations for its low emission zones, which will see the highest polluting vehicles paying more for their use. Policy makers are unsure whether or not these low emission zones actually improve air quality in built up urban areas. However, the CHILL study hopes to resolve these uncertainties.

The CHILL study aims to evaluate methods currently used to reduce air pollution in cities and recommend ways in which these can be improved. Find our more about the CHILL study here.

Our mission here at Airtopia, is to provide an ideal state of air purity for all. Therefore, we are happy to support and share the CHILL study’s efforts to monitor and improve air quality for our nation’s children.

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