Make the air in your home purer with these eco-friendly cleaning and skincare products

13 September, 2018

It’s not just your car that emits pollutants into our environment. Regular household cleaning and skincare products can also release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air inside your home, contributing majorly to poor indoor air quality. New research outlined in The Telegraph’s recent article, titled ‘Clean bill of health: the household products that won’t make you ill’, highlights the implications of using cleaning products on your home’s indoor pollution levels.

Fortunately, simple steps can be taken to reduce the level of VOCs in your household. Switch to the following greener skincare and cleaning alternatives and you’ll be on your way to a healthier home…

  1. Bulldog, skincare for men

Only natural ingredients and carefully selected man-made ingredients are used in the manufacturing of Bulldogs products. Instead of microbeads, Bulldog use oat kernels and olive seeds in their face scrubs. They also refrain from using plastics in their packaging.

  1. Balance Me, skincare for women

The female version of Bulldog, Balance Me, have a natural approach to skincare. Using botanically active formulations and manufacturing all their products in the UK, products are free from a range of chemicals (including parabens, mineral oils, sulphates, petroleum, silicones and microbeads) which could all potentially lead to a fall in indoor air quality.

  1. Faith in Nature, shampoo and skincare

Faith in Nature brand themselves as an ‘affordable, ethical and natural’ manufacturer of cosmetics. They make their goods from a minimum of 99% natural ingredients to ensure they have the least environmental impact possible.

  1. Puracy, skincare and cleaning products

Puracy, in line with their name, produce household cleaning products that are all free from ‘harsh chemicals, petroleum and animal based ingredients’. In other words, their cleaning products are as ‘pure’ as possible and instead consist of plants, minerals and natural fragrances.

  1. Ecover, cleaning products

Ecover bring plant-based cleaning products to the market, all of which are made from biodegradable and renewable substances. Ecover were one of the first manufacturers of cleaning products which did not use petroleum-based sources of energy in their production.

To find out more ways you can improve the air quality in your home, book an air test today and together we can make your home healthier.

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