It’s 2019: an Airtopian Year!

10 January, 2019

Where We’ve Been...

In 2016, our founder, David Evans MBE, decided to tackle the serious issue of indoor air quality (IAQ). It’s a problem that affects millions of people and is a huge cost to the NHS, yet no one was talking about it. He brought together a team of experts to understand what was happening and figure out the best way to help people improve their health.

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2017 was all about getting from the idea to an actuality, finding our place, defining & refining our message and finding the right routes to get that message out there. Airtopia was born.

The last twelve months, 2018, was the year we took our service to market, welcomed our first trained, equipped Airtopia analysts and got busy raising awareness of indoor air pollution.

Airtopia was a key partner of Clean Air Day, bringing IAQ to the agenda for the first time. In Westminster, we lobbied to add IAQ provisions to the new Clean Air Act and, by performing tests of MPs’ offices, started the wave of awareness we need to carry our proposition forward.

In the autumn, David personally donated £50,000 to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to support their research into the health impacts of IAQ on the next generation, firmly establishing himself as a key voice on indoor air quality. In October, he was honoured as a finalist for Air Quality Champion at the National Air Quality Awards banquet.

We attracted a lot of interest from business, academics and other players in the field.

We launched in London and became part of a GLA programme that is helping improve the housing stock. We started dialogue with local authorities and the housing sector across the capital. We also began establishing relationships in Birmingham ahead of our imminent launch in the West Midlands.


Where We’re Going

So now we welcome 2019 with great excitement!

First on the agenda will be an announcement of a partnership that will see our tests become available nationwide. Next, we will focus on Scotland, where progressive policies are already supporting the need for testing of IAQ.

We are, perhaps, most excited about a programme we have planned with a world-renowned hospital to test the air quality in the homes of their young patients to see if we can support their road to recovery.

We will continue our work in Parliament to see that the recommendations we wrote for the White Paper for Healthy Homes and Buildings are implemented and Britain’s homes improved. We will also continue supporting the APPG for Air Pollution, driving focus in Westminster to IAQ.

We will remain partners of Clean Air Day, 20 June 2019, and hope to use the occasion to make indoor air quality an issue everyone is talking about and acting on. And in the autumn, we’ll eagerly await the publication of the report by the RCPCH on indoor air quality and its impact on children’s health.

These are just the highlights of how we plan to make the most of the year ahead! We hope you’ll join us on our journey to make the UK an Airtopian society.


Very Happy New Year!

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