Is your home in one of the UK’s top 5 most polluted cities?

13 August, 2018

Nine out of ten people breathe air containing extreme levels of pollutants. This can put anyone at the risk of developing significant health problems, such as life-threatening diseases. Strokes, heart disease, lung cancer and respiratory infections are all common causes of fine-particle air pollution.

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Pollution limits issued by the World Health Organisation are currently set at 10 micrograms per cubic metre. The top 5 most polluted cities in the UK are:

5. Gillingham - South England

4. Swansea - Wales

3. Manchester – North West England

2. Gibraltar – Overseas territory

1. Scunthorpe - North England

Gillingham, Swansea and Manchester were all found to have pollution levels of 13 micrograms per cubic metre. In Gibraltar, a British Overseas territory,  the pollution level of 14 micrograms per cubic metre was recorded. Scunthorpe topped the list as the UK’s most polluted city, with a level of 15 micrograms per cubic metre.

Even if your city does not make this list, there are still 40 cities around the UK that exceed the World Health Organisations pollution limits. The full list of UK’s most polluted cities are contained in the WHO’s report, regarding global ambient air quality.

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