At thirty-two, I started a small company called Grass Roots, which grew and grew. It spread around the globe, from Brazil to Beijing, but over thirty years later, following a life threatening illness, I decided to retire and sold my company. I am proud of the work that went into building Grass Roots and the success it achieved.

The sale left me with time and opportunity to make a difference on issues that matter to me and I think often about my late left-wing father, who would regularly remind me that a shroud has no pockets. So, I am, again, an entrepreneur, still having fun… but for social good. The work I do is to support kids’ education, to improve energy saving in older homes and to tackle the considerable problem of indoor air quality.

Three years of research and preparation went into creating AIRTOPIA, a service designed to make people aware of the need to care for their internal air. The problem is profound and far reaching.

The ‘doing good’ part of AIRTOPIA isn’t just about trying to help improve people’s health… I won’t be earning a penny, instead, I’ll be donating all profit to a charitable foundation to help our country’s hard pressed educational system or investing it back into the company to provide subsidised tests for those in need.

I want to make sure houses across the nation are healthy for their inhabitants and to that end, I have informed Westminster that there will be an Airtopian analyst in every constituency by the end of 2019.

I hope you will have your home tested to be certain the air you breathe is clean, which will protect your health and make Britain better! Join us in AIRTOPIA and breathe easy...

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Just a few simple steps to get your indoor air quality measured. We’ll give you peace of mind and help you and your family enjoy a healthy home.

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