Does my child have asthma?

10 October, 2017

Diagnosis of asthma in children under the age of five is difficult due to inaccuracy in testing for infants, but if the latest statistics on asthma in the UK are to be believed, this is a rising and highly concerning problem for parents.


5.4 million people in the UK are currently receiving treatment for asthma – over one million of those are children. The children forming part of these numbers are only those with an official diagnosis and as the UK has some of the highest asthma rates in Europe, the number is likely to be significantly higher if under-fives with suspected asthma were included.

Symptoms of asthma include wheezing, coughing (especially during the night or first thing in the morning), difficulty breathing and a tight or sore feeling in the chest. This tight feeling is often described by children as a 'tummy ache' or chest pain.

These symptoms can all be confused with common colds or viruses, which is why a formal asthma diagnosis is tricky. It's important to note the signs if there is a family history of respiratory problems, if coughing occurs in between other illnesses, if you've noticed different triggers, and particularly if you think dust, exercise, pollen or contact with pets might bring on the wheezing.

If you're concerned you must visit your GP to work together on diagnosing the problem and seeking support and treatments wherever necessary.

There is another significant factor in our children's health which is often overlooked and could potentially provide some important answers when it comes to symptoms of asthma…

Families across the UK are exposed to the poorest air quality in Europe. We spend over 70% of our time in our homes and there are invisible hazards all around us that can cause serious health problems in the young and old.

Mould, moisture, temperature and chemical exposure can be silently damaging our family, but how do we know what's really going on behind closed doors? There are various indoor air quality monitoring products on the market, which you can install quickly and start receiving interesting data within days. Those with a scientific leaning and time to take on further research will find these tools insightful.

For a 'deeper dive' test and easily understood results, an Airtopia home health screening can be undertaken. This involves a full home test (of every room) for a plethora of problems. Data is then presented in a manageable and simple report, which also provides remedial advice, support and potential solutions to actually act on the results given. This is where you can really make marked improvements and practical changes for the benefit of your loved ones.

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