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10 October, 2017

Diagnosis of asthma in children under the age of five is difficult due to inaccuracy in testing for infants, but if the latest statistics on asthma in the UK are to be believed, this is a rising and highly concerning problem for parents.

Charlotte lives in a four bedroom townhouse with her husband and 18-month old daughter. The family share their home with one small dog: Pepper, the Miniature Schnauzer.

I saw Airtopia advertised on Facebook and was intrigued. My daughter has had a slight cough since birth – not enough to need treatment or warrant huge concern, but I always had a slight niggle in the back of my mind and have seen a few articles in the media about indoor air quality in recent months.

After discussion with my husband, we decided to book a home health screening – more out of interest than anything else.

We were sent some simple instructions prior to our appointment – just a reminder to keep doors and windows shut the day before the assessment and to avoid cooking with oils the night before. Nothing too taxing!

On the day of our appointment, our analyst Tim arrived bang on time. He was really friendly and put me at ease right way. He explained he had a scientific background (although analysts come from all sectors apparently) and that he had a passion for indoor air quality. He was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my (silly) questions in a clear and practical way. He also made great friends with Pepper our dog, which I always think is a sign of good character!

The tests took about two hours and Tim showed me each piece of equipment, explaining how the air filters worked, why he was taking different readings and what he was looking for. We shared a coffee while he went through a detailed questionnaire with me. Some of the questions and answers provided feedback right away – such as the fact that I should look at using eco cleaning products rather than heavy bleaches, and that my aloe vera plant is a great thing to have in our sitting room!

Once everything was complete, Tim explained that the samples would be sent off to a laboratory and that my report would be with me soon.

Within 10 days I had an email alerting me that our home health check results were in. I felt strangely nervous before clicking through the Airtopia Members' Area to review them!

I was impressed with how clear the data in our report was. Each hazard tested was explained and our result was detailed, along with a simple rating against each of them. Overall the readings from our home were very average – with no high alerts or particularly low numbers either. I was relieved to be quite 'normal'! On the website there are also some helpful remedial tips – advice on houseplants that will boost your indoor air quality and some practical support for pet owners.

I have made a few changes since our home health check. My cleaning cupboard is stocked with lovely-smelling gentler products, and I definitely open our windows and air the house more than I used to. I'd recommend an airtopia home health check to anyone – whether you've got a particular worry or not. It's fascinating!

We haven't got to the bottom of my daughter's persistent cough yet, but I'm really glad I know that it's not likely to be worsened by our indoor air quality at home. In the minefield that is parenting these days, I want to know I'm doing everything I can to give her the best start in life, and now that I am pregnant with our second child… I've got twice the reasons to make sure my family's health and wellbeing stays firmly at the top of our priorities!

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