Clean Air Day 2018: Let’s trigger real change on June 21

6 February, 2018

Airtopia is delighted to be involved in Clean Air Day 2018. Get June 21 in your diaries now!

Because of the participation of thousands of volunteers and organisations, the UK’s first Clean Air Day in 2017 made a real difference. Every volunteer that arranged free breakfasts for cyclists, led a school walking bus, or organised events in city squares can be proud that a statistically significant increase in public understanding about air quality issues was identified in a post-event survey. From corporate communication campaigns and arranging a debate in the Scottish Parliament, to putting dogs in clean air T-shirts and organising naked cycle rides, your efforts were worthwhile and made a real difference.

So, in 2018, the national campaign is following your lead. In coordinating the campaign in 2017, Global Action Plan focused primarily on increasing public knowledge of how to cut air pollution levels and minimise exposure to pollution. But we saw how local efforts in workplaces, schools, hospitals, universities and public space also increased the take-up of actions that actually cut pollution levels or minimise exposure. So the theme for Clean Air Day 2018 is to encourage people to try a clean air action for the first time. Let’s consider just one pollution source – traffic. Achieving clean air requires millions of people to decide to travel differently around our cities and towns, and each person will, one day, make the different choice for the first time. Our aim is to inspire thousands of people take the decision to give a different action a try on Clean Air Day.

Read the full press release at Air Quality News.

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