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20 September, 2017

In response to widespread concerns over indoor air quality, The House Doctor Group is launching a new service to home owners. Striving for Airtopia (an ideal state of air purity), families will be able to identify hidden toxins in their living environments. Following consultations, interviews and rigorous tests, a full report will provide insight into a plethora of home health concerns. This advisory data will enable property owners to make any necessary improvements to their home environment and, in turn, to their family’s health.

70% of our time is spent indoors and the profile of family health in relation to home toxins is skyrocketing, with an estimated 15.3 million UK households suffering from ‘Toxic Home Syndrome’. Research is showing alarming links between exposure to indoor pollutants and reduced life expectancy, diseases such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and asthma, and an overall deterioration in wellbeing.

October 2017 sees the launch of this new airtopia home health screening service, which will test the property’s levels of; carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs).

Working in partnership with Imperial College researchers, airtopia test data will be collated in order to deliver public health information, raise awareness in government bodies and give a greater focus on the importance of indoor air quality – particularly for vulnerable individuals.

In a phased roll-out, North London, Birmingham and Manchester will benefit from the first operating clinicians. Appointments can be booked via the Airtopia website and start at £137.50 +VAT, to include interviews, a full home health check and a detailed advisory report on toxin findings.

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For all media enquiries, please contact Charlotte Jackson. Airtopia is available for expert comment on the science behind indoor air quality.

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