Our Screening Test will provide an overview if you want to ensure your home is healthy. The Home Health Check is more detailed and is especially helpful if you suspect you have a problem.

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Screening Test - £165 (£137.50 +VAT) - 1.5 hours duration

On the day, your analyst will test for:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) - the overall levels of these airborne chemicals.
  • Moisture/Humidity -  the amount of water vapour in the air.
  • Carbon Dioxide – a gas naturally found in the atmosphere but undesirable at elevated levels.
  • Formaldehyde - a colourless pungent gas used in building materials and many household products.

Photos will be taken, temperatures will be recorded and weather conditions will also be monitored. All this data is gathered along with your responses to our simple questionnaire, in order to create your personal home report.

Airtopia Screening Test

Price: £165 (Inc VAT)

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Home Health Check - £395 (£329.17 +VAT) - 2.5 hours duration

This full screening includes everything from the Baseline Test, and you will also benefit from:

  • A full breakdown of VOCs into 16 individual contaminants with results and recommendations for each of them.
  • Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs) measurements - actively growing mould.
  • Enhanced detail of measurement across these tests through the use of additional specialist equipment that takes chemical samples that are sent for analysis in a specialist laboratory.

Airtopia Home Health Check

Price: £395 (Inc VAT)

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You will be reminded of the appointment a couple of days beforehand and you'll receive a quick introductory call from our contact centre.

On the day of the day of your appointment, our analyst will test the air in your house and record measurements that can impact your results. They will also run through a questionnaire with you, which will help inform the end report. If you have any questions, ask away. If our analyst doesn't know the answer, they will ask our network of experts.

Once the tests are complete, they are sent to our laboratory technicians and all the data is collated. Ratings are applied, bespoke advice is given and recommendations are made. Within 14 days you will be notified that your report is available, ready to access in our secure Members Area.

Register for your Airtopia home health screening now - we will get in touch as soon as analysts are available in your area.

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