All Party Parliamentary Group for Healthy Homes and Buildings releases latest White Paper

27 October, 2018

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Healthy Homes and Buildings was created to shed light on the many problems caused to our nation’s health and economy as a result of people living and working in unhealthy homes and buildings.

apps healthy homes and buildings white paper

Airtopia has been delighted to support this APPG over the past year and is pleased to share the new White Paper:

Building our Future: Laying the Foundations for Healthy Homes and Buildings

Here are three key recommendations in the paper for indoor air pollution:

1. "The Government should adopt a holistic approach & ensure that future renovation of homes and buildings...improves other elements vital for health & wellbeing, such as ventilation and air quality..."

2. “…landlords should be required to ensure their properties meet the Decent Homes Standard…and are not detrimental to the occupant’s health and wellbeing."

3. “The NHS should be empowered to prescribe, or order, home health checks by qualified entities when a patient presents with symptoms that might be caused or exacerbated by a poor home environment.

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