Airtopia: What’s Our Why?

12 November, 2018

In Simon Sinek’s TED talk (viewed over 41 million times!), he explains that people buy ‘why a company exists’ as much as ‘what a company sells.’ At Airtopia, keeping sight of our ‘why’ is our top priority. And we thought it was worth sharing.

David Evans MBE, founder of Airtopia

Airtopia is the brainchild of entrepreneur David Evans MBE. When David sold his global firm Grass Roots, he turned his attention to the directive his daughter gave him when she was very young: Daddy, save the planet!

A health scare introduced David to the issue of indoor air quality (IAQ) and the self-inflicted wounds caused by the unintended consequences of the way we live in our homes. As he researched the subject and saw the correlation between energy efficient, air-tight homes and rising rates of asthma and allergies, his concern became a call to action — and a way to answer his daughter’s plea. He could help ‘save the planet’ by making people’s homes healthy.

Imagine: simply bringing back Granny’s advice to air out the house and clean with vinegar and soda crystals could potentially lower costs for the NHS!

His years at Grass Roots taught David that education precedes action. If he could help you understand how IAQ affects your health, ability to think and productivity, he could convince you to make small changes that could have a massive impact on your life.

mother and child in an airtopian house

Thus inspired, David established Airtopia. Its founding principle: do good.

‘There are no pockets in a shroud,’ David’s father, the socialist, would admonish. And David has never wanted to earn any money from the good he is trying to do. He wants to help people live happy, healthy lives in good, quality housing. He doesn’t want his employees worrying about quarterly profits… he wants them worrying about raising awareness and delivering a quality service that teaches people how to live well in their homes.

So from day one, Airtopia has been a social enterprise, donating 100% of its profits to The David Evans Grass Roots Foundation, which invests in educational programmes for children around the country.


Once he had his why, David needed to define his what.

There are a lot of gadgets out there that can test air quality - some of them are very good, some of them, maybe, not so much. What would differentiate Airtopia? Human interaction.

While gadgets can be great at offering real-time feedback, they can’t always explain themselves well or identify the root cause of a problem. Our trained analysts look around your house and find issues like blocked ventilation, closed trickle vents, grease-clogged extractor fans and air fresheners (boo, air fresheners!). They explain what they’re testing for, where pollution comes from and how it can make you sick. They answer your questions.

Our customers receive an easy-to-understand, web-based report detailing the levels in their homes of the most common indoor pollutants: mould, VOCs, formaldehyde and CO2. The reports provide helpful, personalised information about what a customer can do to improve their air and thereby, their health.

We want you to feel empowered. Choosing safe products, ensuring your home is properly ventilated, reducing the use of fires and taking care to prevent damp can significantly improve indoor air quality. If you live inside, this an environmental issue that has a direct impact on you and you can do something about it!

Paper plane - airtopia clean air

So, what’s our why?

We want you to improve your health so we can all have a better future. We think that goal is possible by reducing indoor air pollution — something everyone can do.

Yes, we sell air quality tests, but that’s just how we help you understand your personal situation and, hopefully, make a lasting impression on you.

But the reason we exist is to help make Britain breathe better. We are here to do good.

We hope you’ll join us in Airtopia - an ideal state of air purity!

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