Airtopia & Global Action Plan co-host round table on IAQ

27 September, 2018
On Wednesday 26 September, Airtopia and Global Action Plan co-hosted a round table event focused on Indoor Air Quality at Islington Town Hall.

The aim was to engage and educate London organisations and local governments and encourage them to take action on IAQ. The event was attended by a number of local authorities from around London and as far as Nottingham, as well as several national charities.

Following the success of Clean Air Day (we had a reach of over 950 million, with over 5,000 organisations involved), we took the opportunity to continue to raise awareness about indoor air quality.

According to the Every Breath We Take report, we spend 90% of our time indoors where the concentrations of certain pollutants are often much higher than outside, so knowing about the sources of indoor air pollution is crucial.

At the event, the following topics were covered:

  • The sources and health impacts of indoor air pollution
  • How to protect yourselves, your family and stakeholders from indoor air pollution
  • Discussion on what action is required to help protect people from air pollution in their homes
  • Development of the Clean Air Everyday indoor air pollution strand

Larissa Lockwood, Head of Health, Global Action Plan, and David Evans MBE, founder of Airtopia, welcomed guests and introduced proceedings.

Other speakers during the day included Tim Robinson (Head of Science, Airtopia), Steve Saxty (Airtopia), and Dr Marcella Ucci (Senior Lecturer in Environmental and Healthy Buildings, University College London).
Airtopia & Global Action Plan IAQ round table 

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